SIM - Switch Insights Manager

TelePlus Switch Insights Manager (SIM) is a cutting edge telecommunications software solution that provides valuable Business Support Services (BSS). SIM provides telecom companies an arsenal of tools to manage and automate any switch critical operations like Carrier’s rates periodical updates, Dynamic Smart Routing, Code Management, Customer’s Contracts Management, Rate Sheet Generation, Rate Addendums, Customer Invoicing, Disputes Resolution, Carrier Reconciliation, Traffic analysis and many more.
Includes all TELEPLUS RIO’s features plus:
- Code Management & Smart Routing:
Standardized Prefix List Management
Define Routing Groups (Ex. Premium, Standard, Wholesale)
Generate Least Cost Routing (LCR) or Dynamic Routing Plans to be manually or automatically uploaded to your switch or as a report for analyzing and troubleshooting
Generate Quality of Service (QoS)Routing plans based on quality metrics (like ASR, ACD and PDD)and Carrier Price or based on a customized formula of both
Additional level of customization by defining exception routing to the deepest level of destination prefix
- Manage Customer Contracts and Amendments
Generate and manage customer contracts with margins, billing cycles, exception rates, etc…
Design your own base pricing formula based on price, QoS or both to guarantee accuracy on expected profit margin
Automate Customer rate sheet generation based on contracts.
Automate Rate Sheet Amendment generation per individual customers or mass broadcast to all customers
- Invoicing, Dispute Resolutions and Carrier Reconciliation
Generate Customer Invoices
Analyze and resolve customer’s disputes
Reconcile Carrier/Supplier invoices
- Growth Opportunities
Opportunity Reports which compare routing plans with carrier rates and generate prefix list of profitable and non-profitable carrier’s prefixes along with total cost reduction summary
Customer’s Target Reports which compare Rate Sheet Groups with Customer Targets and generate profit opportunity reports
- CDRs collections and analysis
Collect and mediate CDRs from your switches for deep carriers Analysis, Billing and Reporting
Quality Benchmarks and Cost / Profit Analysis
Who can benefit from TELEPLUS SIM:
Tier1, 2 and 3 Carriers, ITSPs, IXCs, CLECs, Mobile Operators and PTTs
Switch Insights Manager
All RIO Features, Plus:
Code Management
Smart Dynamic Routing
Invoicing, Disputes & Reconciliation
Customer Contracts Management
CDR Collection & Analysis
Deep Reporting
Growth Opportunities
TELEPLUS released Rates Intelligent Operator (RIO) version 2. New business rules engine for in and out files. Additional support for many date formats and performance enhancements.
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TELEPLUS released Switch Insights Manager (SIM) version 1.5. Improved smart routing, new dispute resolution module.
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TELEPLUS is celebrating its 10th anniversary of business excellence. Our well-rounded experience has enabled us to provide top notch telecom solutions for your business needs.
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