RIO - Rates Intelligent Operators

Managing carrier’s rates exchange and switch rates update is a critical mission to any telecom provider. Unfortunately this critical mission faces a lot of manual interventions starting from receiving the carrier’s rates files manually through email and ending with reading individual files, extracting the rates and converting them to the switch provider’s acceptable format. Managing this tedious process manually for tens or even hundreds of carriers on a weekly or daily basis is an exhausting, error prone and time consuming process.
That’s where the Rates Intelligent Operator (RIO) plays a crucial role in handling carrier’s rates processing operations
Automate carrier’s emails processing and even extract, download and organize carriers rate files from your email inbox based on fully customizable business rules
Support any carrier’s rate files formats and even sophisticated formats like rate files fragmented on multi excel sheets or destination name fragmented on multi columns (Country and city)...etc.
Support carrier’s files that contain multiple routing plans (ex. premium, wholesale, etc.) in zipped or unzipped format.
Can retrieve carrier’s rate files from email attachment or from download links sent in rate update emails
Design your own Business Rules Engine when processing carrier’s rates to automate scenarios like skipping specific destinations from specific carriers or updating the rounding of specific destinations (Like Mexico or U.S.)
Customize your rates output file format to match your switch supported import format
Automate carrier rate upload to your switch
Detailed reports of carrier’s files processing history
Who can benefit from TELEPLUS RIO:
Tier1, 2 and 3 Carriers, ITSPs, IXCs, CLECs, Mobile Operators and PTTs
Rates Intelligent Operators
Automated Carrier Rates Processing
Supports all Carriers Formats:
-Automatic Email processing
-Multi-sheets, Fragmented columns
-Zipped files, Download links
Customizable processing business rules
Works with any Switch or Routing Server
Reporting & Archiving
TELEPLUS released Rates Intelligent Operator (RIO) version 2. New business rules engine for in and out files. Additional support for many date formats and performance enhancements.
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TELEPLUS released Switch Insights Manager (SIM) version 1.5. Improved smart routing, new dispute resolution module.
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TELEPLUS is celebrating its 10th anniversary of business excellence. Our well-rounded experience has enabled us to provide top notch telecom solutions for your business needs.
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