PVT - Premium Voice Termination

Our state of the art global VOIP network and our interconnections to Top Tier1 carriers and CLI-Certified direct routes worldwide enabled us to be one of the best international gateways for those providers who are looking for the best quality for their retail traffic.
Our well rounded experience in the retail business has enabled us to build top of the line Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring tools and processes that will not only pin point the problems in real time but also to automatically change the routes to guarantee the best performance and the best price for every call we run in our network.
In addition to our automated quality monitoring and managing processes, we have a support team of highly qualified engineers that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to promptly address your needs.
Immediate Global Access to competitively priced quality termination
World-class quality and reliability with dynamically monitored and managed IP network and infrastructure
Serious commitment to quality in service deployment, delivery and support
Turn up in hours not weeks
Seamless interconnection with easy changing on the fly
Access to full A to Z superior quality routes
Weekly rates update to guarantee that you will always receive the best rates
24x7 access to our experienced network engineers by phone and emails
Friendly sales agents that will help in accommodating your individual needs
Who can benefit from TELEPLUS PVT:
Tier1, 2 and 3 Carriers, ITSPs, IXCs, CLECs, Mobile Operators and PTTs
Premium Voice Termination
Immediate Global Access to Tier1 Carriers
A to Z Rate Sheets
Quality & Reliability
Seamless Interconnection
QoS Monitoring & Reporting
24 x7 Support & Network Engineers
TELEPLUS released Rates Intelligent Operator (RIO) version 2. New business rules engine for in and out files. Additional support for many date formats and performance enhancements.
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TELEPLUS released Switch Insights Manager (SIM) version 1.5. Improved smart routing, new dispute resolution module.
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TELEPLUS is celebrating its 10th anniversary of business excellence. Our well-rounded experience has enabled us to provide top notch telecom solutions for your business needs.
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