HES - Hosted Enhanced SoftSwitch

TELEPLUS’ award winning services are a result of dedication and experience in the telecom industry. For customers who don’t want to invest in network infrastructure but want to take advantage of the profitable telecom industry; TELEPLUS gives a head start into the industry.

TELEPLUS has created the most innovative hosted softswitch solution using its state-of-the-art Switch Insights Manager (SIM), advanced core softswitch with class 4&5 features and its Premium Voice Termination (PVT) service. Additionally, the 24/7 support of highly skilled TELEPLUS engineers and the ability to host your solution in a SAS-70 Type II Certified TELEPLUS Data Center will guarantee your success.

TELEPLUS SIM (Switch Insights Manager)
TELEPLUS PVT (Premium Voice Termination) or bring your own carriers
Robust and Scalable carrier-grade softswitch
Fully integrated IP transcoding and session border controller functionalities.
Class 4 & 5 complete and enhanced features list
Advanced Real time billing and routing
Pre-Paid / Post-Paid Billing
Your solution is hosted in a SAS-70 Type II Certified Data Center with serious 24/7 customer support and network engineers team
- Applications
Prepaid Calling cards
ANI Recognition applications
Wholesale traffic exchange
Residential VOIP services
Conferencing Services
Callback (ANI, Web, SMS and Email)
Call Shops
IP-PBX services
- Business benefit:
Immediate access to the market
No Capital Expense investment
Extra Business Growth opportunities with additional services
When partnering with TELEPLUS, you will add a highly skilled IT and Networking teams to your assets
Who can benefit from TELEPLUS HES:
Tier1, 2 and 3 Carriers, ITSPs, IXCs, CLECs, Mobile Operators and PTTs
Hosted Enhanced SoftSwitch
Integrated IP-Transcoding & SBC
Advanced Class 4 & 5 Features
Smart & Dynamic Routing
Hot Billing & Invoicing
Contracts Management
CDRs Analysis & Deep Reporting
SAS 70 Type II Data Center
24 x 7 Customer Support & NOC Engineers
TELEPLUS released Rates Intelligent Operator (RIO) version 2. New business rules engine for in and out files. Additional support for many date formats and performance enhancements.
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TELEPLUS released Switch Insights Manager (SIM) version 1.5. Improved smart routing, new dispute resolution module.
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TELEPLUS is celebrating its 10th anniversary of business excellence. Our well-rounded experience has enabled us to provide top notch telecom solutions for your business needs.
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